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Last weekend, John O'Connell's Boilermakers Robotics Team competed against 36 schools from around the Northeastern US in the USFIRST competition in Portland OR. (see for more info on the competition). With the strongest and most well designed robot, a great team strategy, a powerful basket shooter who never misses, and a highly precise automated program, our team was hard to beat. We were first round pick in the finals, outdoing teams with decades of more experience and quadruple our budget.

Next we go to San Jose for another regional competition, where we will further hone our skills and develop new game strategies. We now qualify for the finals in Atlanta, GA in April. But, can we raise the $10K needed to go? We really need community support in the next couple of weeks to raise the $4000 registration fee and the money to fly students to Atlanta for the three-day competition. Click here to make a donation to our team using PayPal.

It would be great if the neighborhood businesses would support us by giving a contribution towards this cause. We could use help getting our message in the local media. We have lots of photos and film to advertise our success.

We have two teachers who have volunteered all the time and energy to make this happen. We have mentors from CCSF, Northface and the surrounding community. We have received grants and donations from NASA, Best Buy, the Columbia Lodge Masons, Associated General Contractors of California, and Babylon Burning Tee-shirts. But best of all, we have future engineers, programmers, builders and team workers who have gained an invaluable experience building, programming and competing with GGBOT! Please help us bring these students to the finals for a lifetime experience in the fields of building, engineering, programming and “gracious professionalism”.

By supporting us you are helping the reputation of the school district, the bay area, and showing yourselves to be gracious professionals. With your support you are giving students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the sciences and technology to life and allowing them to experience the positive atmosphere that the FIRST competitions offer.


Students learning math and science, engineering and programming, organization and teamwork, in an atmosphere of gracious professionalism.